Friday, September 19, 2008

F*cking Eskimos!

This is lifted from Deadspin, who's capturing many "only at Yankee Stadium" moments from their readers. This one was priceless:

Oh, Canada!. I'm at the stadium, sitting along the third base line for a Blue Jays/Yankees game. This is the early Nineties, when Toronto ruled the AL East and the Yankees roster was stocked with guys like Hensley Meulens and Kevin Maas. Anyway, it's a big crowd and four Wall Street looking guys sit down in front of us, all of them in suits and one of them wearing a Blue Jays cap. Turns out they were all from Toronto, and one of them yells something innocuous at Joe Carter trots into the dugout right before the game. Immediately, this big guy in a Mattingly gamer and a shaved head stands up, points at them and says, "I don't want a hear another fucking peep out of you for the rest of the night." The Canadians all laugh and dismiss the guy as just another New York lunatic. Two minutes later, Bob Sheppard asks us to rise for the singing of the Canadian national anthem. The Canadian guy in the Blue Jays hat starts singing along, and right at the phrase "our home and native land" gets hit in the face with a full beer and then knocked the fuck out by Mattingly Gamer, who punctuates the assault by shouting, "Fucking Eskimos! You were warned!"


dinologic (Dean D) said...

Ha ha ha. Is it OK to laugh at that? Because it's pretty damn hilarious. In a bad way. But still.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Is it OK? Who knows. Everyone is so overly sensitive these days, but it just struck me as funny that he'd call someone rooting for Toronto, as cosmopolitan a city as we have in the US, an Eskimo. As if everything North of us was a frozen tundra.

Overtly stupid but deliciously funny.

And Mikel, if you are reading this, no offense, eh!