Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Belated: 10 years since #62

My apologies, yesterday got by me without a chance to post anything (other than the DePodesta interview) due to a crazy day at work.

I did want to at least recognize that it was 10 years ago since McGwire hit the historic #62. I can't believe it's been 10 years. Yet, so much has changed. Nothing from back then can be looked at the same way any longer, which is a shame. It'd be nice to be able to look back at those accomplishments the same way we did back then. Oh well...

One of the highlights of that Sept. 8, besides getting an embrace from home run rival Sammy Sosa, who would finish with 66 homers, was McGwire picking up 10-year-old son Matt, who had come in from California for the weekend. Matt McGwire, an aspiring musician who likes "that Haight-Ashbury rock ’n’ roll," according to his father, will be 21 next July 4.
McGwire has two more boys with second wife Stephanie, whom he married in 2002. Max is nearly 6 years old and Mason is 4, "
and they really have no idea what I’ve done," McGwire said. "They think I’m a golfer. That’s all they ever see me with is golf clubs. It’s going to be very enjoyable someday to sit back and tell them about this."
So what do you think he will tell them? What will his answer be if they ask him "Dad, did you use steroids?" Don't you wish he'd give us that same answer?

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