Wednesday, November 19, 2008

600 lbs of pitchers?

Was checking in on the chat at MLBTradeRumors today and someone asked about the Yanks making a 1 year offer to Bartolo Colon.

Q: are the yank looking at bartolo colon
A: I havent heard that but it would make sense. Colon could be a solid signing at the right price.
Holy fat pants, Batman. Can you imagine those two in the same rotation? Can we come up with some new stats to impress the Bill James crowd, please?

Of course, Baseball-Reference has them each listed at, ahem, 250 lbs each. If they are each 250 lbs, then I'm the size of your average 5th grader. Bartolo hasn't seen the scale stop at 250 in at least a dozen years, easy.

Who would your Ultimate Fatboy Rotation consist of*? Have at it.

Some suggestions to get you started (additions as noted):

* Here is a good list of the best seasons by heavy pitchers. I don't care much for performance; I want guys who would scare a Chinese Buffet owner into closing early.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to nominate Dick Radatz during his heyday when he was striking out more than a batter per inning. In '63 and "64 he posted ERAs of 1.97 and 2.29 respectively. When I saw him pitch for the Cubs towards the end of his career a Batolo Colon sport coat would have been way too small. 6'5" and 300+ pounds easy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Calvin Pickering would help much in the rotation. Maybe the heaviest infield...

Anonymous said...

Yeah,but Walter Brown was,I think,6-6,323
lb.Incidentally,at a mere 5-9,207 lb.,am
I a big enough boy to post to this thread?

Anonymous said...

Also,Aren't Jon-Boys Broxton and Rauch li-
sted at 290 lb.?(Though Rauch is 6-11.)