Thursday, November 13, 2008

Straight cash, homey

Back up the dumptrucks! Start the wire transfers. Check your account balance, baby!

This is about cash, and just how much of it the Yankees will offer their No. 1 offseason target. Well, really it is about how much more of it they will offer than any West Coast team or NL team, or in Sabathia's ideal world, a West Coast NL team.

There is nothing coy about this. Everyone's intentions are known. ... All things being equal, Sabathia wants to go home to California and play in the NL, where he can hit. But as a friend of Sabathia's said yesterday, "
he is mature enough and realistic enough to know that the Yankees might not make it close. And if it is not close - no matter how much he likes the West Coast and likes hitting - he is not going to walk away from $25 million. This is not rocket science. It is about how much more the New York Yankees will spend than anybody else."
What scares me is Joel Sherman's estimate about what big ole CC's gonna cost:
My gut says six years at $150 million sounds about right to force league-wide surrender before the bidding really even gets started.
$25 million per?!?!?! Straight cash, homey.

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