Thursday, November 6, 2008

The end is near

Local beat writer extraordinaire Pete Abraham is making the call: Peavy's a goner and it's not to the Yanks.

[San Diego GM Kevin Towers] said that the Jake Peavy trade talks have progressed to a point where the pitcher has been told he’s going to be traded, it’s just a matter of when a deal is struck.

That train has left the station,” Towers said.

Towers also revealed that he is dealing with three teams, all in the National League. He mentioned the possibility of Peavy moving as part of a multi-team trade.

The Padres are known to be dealing with the Braves and Cubs. The third team could be the Cardinals or Astros. The Yankees are not in the mix.
While there's a big part of me that'd be disappointed when Peavy lands somewhere else, there is still a smaller part that will be relieved due to the concerns I have about his transition to NY, the AL East, his elbow, etc.

I'll hazard a guess: Braves Cubbies in a shocker. Big Z, Harden, Peavy, Lilly and Marquis. Dat be a nice rotation.

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

If the Braves are really offering Escobar (and we can't be sure either way), that offer trumps anything the Cubs can probably offer. As for the Dodgers, they can trump the Braves by involving Kershaw. However, the Cubs are not a bad decision. I've picked them as well, mainly because I'm not sure Escobar is really on the table.