Thursday, November 13, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Swisher a Yank

Just got an email from an insider alerting me of the following: Jeff Marquez traded to the White Sox for Nick Swisher.

Looks like I beat Jerry Crasnick beat me to the scoop by a mere few minutes. Just a few minutes. Bummer.

I can't get over how much I like this deal for the Yanks. Swisher can play 1B or CF, two positions the Yanks are looking for. Switch hitter, too. It doesn't preclude them from still going after Teix, either. And, the contract is reasonable (both in dollars and years). I can't help but think that the White Sox got fleeced in this one.

Last year, Marquez was the #7 ranked Yankee prospect according to Baseball America but slipped out of the top 10 in this year's ranking. Here's a report from last Spring about Marquez.

Featuring a sinking two-seam fastball, a power changeup and a developing curveball, Marquez said he is ready to tackle Triple-A lineups for Scranton/Wilkes-Barre this year. From there, it may be just a short jump to New York, whether the Yankees need a spot starter to fill in or a long reliever to soak up innings out of the bullpen.
From MLBTradeRumors, some data on Swisher:

Swisher, 28 this month, hit .219/.332/.410 in 588 plate appearances this year. He's set to earn $5.3MM in '09, $6.75MM in '10, $9MM in '11, and has a $10.25MM club option for '12 with a $1MM buyout. So, about $22MM over the next three years.
UPDATE (11/13/08, 4:01pm): Yanks also acquiring pitcher Kanekoa Texeira. The White Sox will receive infielder Wilson Betemit and minor leaguers Jeff Marquez and Jhonny Nunez. (We got Teix too! Wait, not THAT Teix! Nevermind.)


tadthebad said...

Not going after Teixeira? Or does Swisher roam CF?

Jason @ IIATMS said...

good question. wish I knew!

tHeMARksMiTh said...

I think this is the Yankees understanding that the Angels are going to make a huge offer to Teixeira and making sure their @$$ is covered. The Angels can't afford to let him slip through their fingers. Vlad isn't Vlad anymore, so who else is going to be in the middle of that order after next season? The Yankees are going after Tex, but I'm sure CC and even Burnett are higher on the list. This move pushed Teixeira a little farther down.

dinologic (Dean D) said...

My only hope is that Swisher, a former Oakland slugger (Ok, he can still slug but his power numbers have declined the past 2 years) doesn't turn into another stiff. He's only 27 and yes, he's a switch hitter which is great, but not if he's going to bat .220. Of course, if he's just a role player, then I'm sure he'll pull his weight.

I don't know...I'm on the fence on this one.

BTW, a friend of mine sent me an email this morning that said...

"Cashman is now crying poverty. He says he wants to reduce the payroll and not spend the 88 million he has coming off the books. So no Texeira. Swisher plays first and if they get CC then no AJ. Probably just bring Andy back at a reduced rate. WTF! is going on? Now we get cheap. NOW???!!! New stadium, ridiculous ticket prices and parking prices and NOW we get cheap?"

Could be Cash and Co. just trying to get some leverage. We'll see.

dinologic (Dean D) said...

BTW, I'm trying to get a source on the "Cashman not going to spend the 88 million" thing.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


I was looking somewhere earlier (BTF, I think) that mentioned how absurdly low Swisher's BABIP % really was last year. If you subscribe to that metric as a barometer of "luck", it would only seem likely that Swisher's due for a bounce back to the mean.

I think Swisher projects to .265 average with an OBP near .400. He's capable at 1B, seemingly more comfortable there than OF. And he's a switch hitter, which always helps!

Supposedly, according to Pete Abraham of LoHud, Cashman has Swisher playing 1B, but I can see the Yanks making a stealth play for Teix, under the radar-ish, if that's remotely possible. Maybe a last minute swoop-in.

As for getting cheap? I doubt that. They are going to open the purse wide as can be.

Steve said...

If the Yanks make Swisher the every day 1B does that mean Teixeira is off the radar? If it does it makes no sense to bring in a big time pitcher like CC for big $$ and then not spend money wisely on Teix. When was the last time the Yanks had a guy who could hit and field decently? Tino?

Lets hope Cash and the Bros. Steinbrenner make the right call with the spending of all this money.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


If you believe what's coming out of the Yanks FO, Swisher's looking like your starting 1B next year. However, that could merely be positioning.

They could very easily be lying in the weeds on Teix and jump in if the price is more in line with what they are comfortable with, rather than what Boras demands.

Remember a few years back when Beltran basically begged the Yanks to bid, that he'd take less than the Mets were offering? I could see that happening. Maybe not for less dollars, but begging the Yanks to make a competitive offer.

dinologic (Dean D) said...

I hope it's positioning. Swisher would be a great role-type player but he's not going to carry a lineup. We need a 3 or 4 hitter and he's not it. Still way early though so I'm not that worried. Yet.