Tuesday, November 11, 2008

For whom the (Hells) bell tolls

So it looks like the wonderful, incredible, high leg kick/pointed toe Trevor Hoffman Era in San Diego is coming to an end. But this isn't his retirement. This is a team dialing back their spending as they retool. Spending what would seem to be more than 10% of their payroll on a pitcher (yes, a closer) who will only pitch in 70 or so innings seems folly.

Curious in all this San Diego chatter is the fact that they will seek to re-sign Hoffman for (in the neighborhood of) $8M next year. I know they want to be loyal and whatnot, but if they are dumping Peavy, why don't they tell Hoffman that they can't afford him as a luxury closer and let him go anywhere he wishes, including retirement?

Seems like a strange expense to incur at a time when rebuilding and slashing salary appears to be Priority #1.
And if you go read that posting, I traded some emails with Tim at MLBTradeRumors.com and his reply is below:
I think they do the last thing you said. That gets them a draft pick or else a one-year deal with their fan-favorite closer. If he leaves for that multiyear deal he talked about, maybe the Padres can say they tried. I agree that the Hoffman/Peavy things are at odds with each other though.
Now, it doesn't even look like they are trying to appease the long-time fans. They are simply signalling that "the time to rebuild is really upon us".

I'm sad about it. I really am. I am a big Trevor Hoffman fan. Like so many of our favorite players who are forced to finish their careers away from the only team they've known, Hoffman will don the uniform of someone else if he wants to pitch again.

Hey Trev, care to earn $6M as Mo's set-up guy?

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