Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bullpen? check!

Pete Abraham was trying to figure out which free agents the Yanks would be after by position and when he came to the bullpen, he realized that the Yanks bullpen was largely complete:

Closer: Mariano Rivera.
Left-handed set-up: Damaso Marte, Phil Coke
Right-handed set-up: Brian Bruney, Jose Veras, Edwar Ramirez
Promising young guys who are moving up: David Robertson, Mark Melancon
Injured guys who could have a role: Humberto Sanchez, Jon Albaladejo
Guys you get a sense could help if they didn’t send them back and fourth to Scranton 500 times: Chris Britton
Assorted long reliever candidates: Dan Giese, Alfredo Aceves
Guys they’re still holding a candle for: J.B. Cox
Minor-league starters who could be good major-league relievers: Chase Wright, Alan Horne, Eric Hacker
Prospects below AAA who could make a move in 2009: Kevin Whelan, Anthony Claggett, Zach Kroenke
What I like about this is that Pete gives us some names that aren't exactly familar to all of us, namely the prospects and minor league starters who might become useful. Personally, I am excited to see what Mark Melancon can do. He's been discussed/mentioned as a possible heir apparent to Mo in a few years.

Also, as a sneak preview, I have an interview coming up with one of the minor leaguers mentioned here. Hopefully will have something to share within a week or so. Stay tuned!

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