Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Delta signs on as Official Airline of the Yanks

Well, thank goodness.

As the exclusive sponsor of the Delta Sky360 Suite, the airline will offer suiteholders an opportunity to sample the Delta brand and customer experience. The Suite encompasses the nine sections of the Main Level directly behind home plate, and its elevated position allows for some of the best views of the field in Yankee Stadium, which is set to open in April 2009 with a capacity of 52,325.
Sample the brand and "customer experience"? Since when has that ever been a GOOD thing for an airline? So the games will start late after 45 minutes of waiting with no heads-up on when it will get started, you will only get half a soda at a time, there will be only two tiny bathrooms for the entire suite, chances are your souveniers and other food purchases will be lost in transit to you and there will be some schlub with his seatback resting cozily in your lap. Best views? Out of plastic one foot oval windows.

/end snark

* Thanks to Pete Toms for the heads up

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