Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Broken record alert

Peavy to the Braves. Nope. Wait, maybe.
Peavy to the Cubs. Nope. Wait, maybe.
Peavy to the Yanks. Nope. Wait, maybe.

You get the picture.

So what will it take? Honestly, I have no idea and even less of an idea after reading this (emphasis mine):

The Yankees' farm system is strong enough to match up with the Padres if the teams revive their discussions on right-hander Jake Peavy. The Padres, according to one major-league source, told the Yankees that a deal would be possible even if the Yankees declined to offer right-hander Phil Hughes.

The Padres scouted Hughes in a recent Arizona Fall League game, but the Yankees have zero intention of trading him ...
If they don't want Cano and will do a deal without Hughes, who are they after? Brackman? Austin Jackson? Betances? I'm curious to know what the roadblock is, from the Yanks side, if Hughes is off the table. Where's the tipping point? Who's holding it up?

Meh, I give up. Just email me when something's done.

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