Friday, November 7, 2008

Peavy wonders aloud

Gotta say, it's interesting (and strange) to hear this level of detail surrounding such a high profile potential trade:

The subject of Escobar came up Thursday morning between Peavy and his agent, Barry Axelrod. Less than 12 hours earlier, Axelrod had met with Padres General Manager Kevin Towers to get an update on trade talks that had taken place the previous three days at the GM meetings in Dana Point.

Escobar's a pretty good player,” Axelrod said. “To be honest, Jake and I have said, 'If that kind of trade gets made, who plays short for them?'”
Escobar is a Braves pitcher's best friend. When Red Sox analyst Bill James and friends evaluated major leaguers for
The Fielding Bible – a publication devoted to defensive analysis – they determined that Escobar's plus-minus score of plus-21 ranked second among all shortstops last season. [Khalil] Greene, meantime, had a minus-4 score that placed him 24th.

Interesting that they are sharing that Peavy's evaluating the trade from a personnel standpoint, not just location and compensation. Good to see that he's considering what the team he'd be joining would be missing as a result of the transaction and in the Braves case, it'd be a lockdown shortstop.

Yet, he seemingly would consider the Yanks (Jeter ranked 22nd by Bill James), so who really knows?

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