Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Surprise, surprise!

Well, maybe not since I've been claiming it for ages: Peavy will agree to waive his NTC to come to two AL teams: Angels and Yanks. Now, it's a nice insurance policy in case the Yanks are shut out on other FA SP pursuits.... or it's a throat-stomper if they do get CC and decide to go ahead and deal for Peavy, too.

Towers said that the five NL teams -- the Braves, Cubs, Dodgers, Cardinals and Astros -- remain Peavy's preferred destinations, but Towers said Peavy also expressed a willingness to consider the Angels and Yankees should it be impossible for Towers to find an equitable deal with one of the NL clubs he likes.

I guess we're not so far down on his list as we thought just yesterday.

(Thanks to themarksmith for the tip)


Ron Rollins said...

Everyone is lucky Jocketty still isn't GM of the Cards. This is exactly the kind of deal he was always able to pull off.

I'm betting he does't go anywhere. The Padres contended in 2007, and still play in the weakest division in baseball.

No reason to think they can't come back and compete again next year, but not without Peavy.

They need offense, but not at the risk of losing their pitching. It makes sense to dump the deadweight hitters and replace them with others before they deal off their strength.

And I don't see anyone of those teams having enough a package to entice the Padres.

Of course, I might be wrong. But I'm willing to bet I'm not.

Jason @ IIATMS said...


I can't and won't disagree with any of that. Jocketty probably would have figured out a way to pull it off.

And yes, I still think Peavy stays in SD as the lack of leverage (on SD's part) mutes some of the offers that will come across the table.

They are not forced to deal Peavy, but he does chew up a disproportionate amount of their total payroll, and that's only going to expand as time rolls forward.

Remember, there's the Moores divorce situation forcing some of this. We'll see how that contributes to their "desire" to deal Peavy and at what cost.