Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holy temple of awesome

Larry Dubrow was lucky enough to get a tour of The New Yankee Stadium as a potential "Premium Offering" seating buyer. Suffice it to say, he was blown away:

About 13 seconds later, after we proceeded into the so-called Great Hall, I started mentally filling out a Bank of America job application. Holy temple of awesome. Big (around 1.6 times the square footage of its predecessor, even with a few thousand fewer seats).

Shiny (lotsa glass and chrome). Bright (the old Yankee Stadium, mystique-y and aura-tastic as it may have been, was perpetually caked in grime). If this is the future of the stadium experience, I humbly request to be teleported to next April. You can have your quaint ivy walls and forbidding monsters of green; me, I'll take the laser beam turbo rocket ship.

Now, it sounds like Larry is slogging thru a modest means, like most of us. I am guessing that while he was ga-ga over the tour, the new amenities, seeing the clubhouse, the field, etc., the real kicker came via email the next day. And you know what, I could not agree more.
Alas, I returned to my computer on Monday morning to find an e-mail awaiting me from my guide. The note contained the usual pleasantries and directed me to an attached file for more information. It was there that the Yankees dropped the hammer: the seats cost $550. That's per ticket per game, not per month or per season. For a 20-game plan, that's 22 grand for a pair.

I love my team irrationally. I love attending ball games. I don't love them that much.

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Ron Rollins said...

I can tell you from personal experience. Kauffman Stadium is one of the greatest places in the world to watch baseball. ANd they're doing a $32 millon upgrade on it. It's going to look great, and be an even better place to watch baseball.

The product on the field, however, still sucks.

All style and no substance.