Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grading the nine digit deals

There's a solid review of all of the $100+ million deals done by SI.com today. Here are only the grades; you'll have to check out the link for the full review:

  • Kevin Brown, Overall grade: C-
  • Ken Griffey Jr., Overall grade: D+
  • Alex Rodriguez, Overall grade (first contract): C; Overall grade (second contract): Incomplete
  • Manny Ramirez, Overall grade: A-
  • Mike Hampton, Overall grade: F
  • Jason Giambi, Overall grade: D+
  • Todd Helton, Overall grade: C
  • Albert Pujols, Overall grade: A
  • Carlos Beltran, Overall grade: B-
  • Vernon Wells, Overall grade: C
  • Alfonso Soriano, Overall grade: B-
  • Barry Zito, Overall grade: F
  • Carlos Lee, Overall grade: C
  • Miguel Cabrera, Overall Grade: Incomplete
  • Johan Santana, Overall grade: Incomplete

Maybe it's me, but I forgot how many guys were given contracts this size. I flat out forgot about Wells, Lee, and even Soriano, to a lesser degree.


Rob Abruzzese said...

Arod's first contract was easily a B. Really the only slight against him happened in the playoffs, but that is such a small percentage of the games played under the contract.

Rory said...

What about Jeters? I think we can all agree it's at least a B.