Monday, November 10, 2008

BA's Top 10 Yanks Prospects

Baseball America's Top 10 Yanks prospects are ranked, in all their glowing splendor, hype and platitudes.

  1. Austin Jackson, of
  2. Jesus Montero, c
  3. Andrew Brackman, rhp
  4. Austin Romine, c
  5. Dellin Betances, rhp
  6. Zach McAllister, rhp
  7. Alfredo Aceves, rhp
  8. Phil Coke, lhp
  9. Mark Melancon, rhp
  10. Bradley Suttle, 3b
Immediate thoughts, without reading the whole article:
  • Two catchers? That's bodes well.
  • There are some tall dudes with Brackman (6'10"), Betances (6'8")
  • Six pitchers. We can only hope.
If you're tool-sy, here's their list of "Best Tools":

  • Best Hitter for Average Bradley Suttle
  • Best Power Hitter Jesus Montero
  • Best Strike-Zone Discipline Chris Malec
  • Fastest Baserunner Brett Gardner
  • Best Athlete Austin Jackson
  • Best Fastball Andrew Brackman
  • Best Curveball Christian Garcia
  • Best Slider Anthony Claggett
  • Best Changeup Alfredo Aceves
  • Best Control Zach McAllister
  • Best Defensive Catcher Francisco Cervelli
  • Best Defensive Infielder Ramiro Pena
  • Best Infield Arm Marcos Vechionacci
  • Best Defensive Outfielder Austin Jackson
  • Best Outfield Arm Seth Fortenberry

thanks to Pete Toms for the heads up!

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tHeMARksMiTh said...

Just because they are the Yankees' top 10 prospects doesn't mean they are good prospects. :)