Monday, November 17, 2008

And you thought the WBC created turmoil

And you thought that the World Baseball Classic created problems and havoc with the usage of MLBers.

Baseball made its pitch for reinstatement in the Olympics on Friday, one the seven sports fighting for two spots on the program for the 2016 Summer Games.

A team of six, led by International Baseball Federation president Harvey Schiller and featuring Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson, spent an hour putting their case to an IOC panel.

So we have 8 or so years to figure out how to blame Bud for all the problems this will create. Of course, there may not be any surviving insurance companies to cover the MLBers wishing to play (against their owners' wishes).

Oh, and those pesky stringent drug testing rules:
"We're committed to bringing the best players ever to the Olympic baseball tournament," [Schiller] said. "We talked about our advances in drug testing. We have an agreement with the professional leagues in terms of out-of-competition testing for the events we sanction."

Thanks to Ron Rollins for the tip

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