Monday, February 25, 2008

A bummer of a story

It's one thing to discuss the bummers in sports when they are self-inflicted (like steroids), but it's another when they are family bummers. Here is the story about Don Mattingly and the sad demise of his marraige. OK, divorce is a bummer, period, but that Donnie had to abandon his managerial dreams when he was on the doorstep of achieving them is really painful. That his marital woes may have been at least a part of the reason for his retirement after the 1995 playoffs stings that much more.

In 1995, just a month after he hit .417 in his first - and only - postseason series, Mattingly quit the game. The same year, his wife was arrested in Indiana for driving a car while intoxicated, court records show. Though he publicly blamed his bad back for his retirement, Mattingly's friends said his decision was partially fueled by his wife's drinking.


"This is not the first time we've all had to go through this."

Here's hoping Donnie and his wife can work this out, and soon.

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