Monday, February 4, 2008

Schadenfreude 101

UPDATE #1: Note to self: don't cross ESPN's baseball analyst/scout extraordinaire Keith Law. He can really dish it (pardon the pun on the name of his blog) once he gets away from Big Daddy ESPN. To wit...(as usual, emphasis mine)

And every year, I’d root for an NFL team to go undefeated. There was just something so appealing about that zero in the “L” column - it hadn’t been done since before I was born, and to a kid who liked math, there was something beautiful in the idea of a team going 16-0. (And, yes, in a team going 0-16, although now I have a harder time rooting for anyone to fail to that degree. Well, except the Cowboys.) And every year, I’d get my hopes up, and some time in November, the last undefeated team would fall, and I’d see those idiots from the ‘72 Dolphins with their champagne, celebrating someone else’s defeat. So the Patriots going 16-0 this year fulfilled that little wish I had as a sports-nut kid, and I’d love to see them finish it off today with a victory - and, since they’re already on Mercury Morris’ front lawn, to see them urinate in his flower bed and take a dump in his fish tank while they’re at it. Celebrating someone else’s failure is bad enough, but the way the mainstream media celebrates these jackasses’ annual celebration really rubs me the wrong way.


Just posting one ad from yesterday's game:

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