Monday, February 25, 2008

In Cashman We Trust

When seeing a headline like Hank Steinbrenner to talk contract with Cashman, all I could think of was "man, that'd be great" (along with "I hope I am not reading")

Cashman's track record isn't without its blemishes (Karsay, Giambi, Pavano, Irabu, etc.), but without question, his 2005 powerplay to retain total autonomy over the Tampa faction is his biggest achievement. In doing so, he wrested the panic button from GMS's guys and let the "baseball people" make the baseball calls. Amen.

Hank's been a blowhard this offseason, his first seemingly in control of the helm. He's made it clear that he wanted Santana and wasn't happy with Cashman letting him go to the Mets. Hank has essentially put Cashman's fate in the arms of Hughes, Joba and IPK, which isn't fair. There's enough pressure as is, no need to lay more on their young shoulders.

Steinbrenner said Monday: "I think the big thing with Brian is the organization he put in place. It's not based on just one decision as far as, do a trade or don't do a trade, or sign a free agent or don't sign. He put Damon Oppenheimer in as the chief of scouting, which has obviously paid off huge. The way he works with Mark Newman, the way he works with (Joe) Girardi, the organization he's put in place. All those things are factors."

I hope Hank's had time to reflect on Cashman's position and strategy and what we're seeing is a change in his philosophy and beliefs. Yanks fans can only hope this is the case and we'll have Cashman looking out for our boys in pinstripes for years to come.

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