Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is 12 month interest-free financing available?

UPDATE #2: has a nice slideshow of artist renderings of TNYS along with actual pictures of the work in progress.


UPDATE #1: Pete Abraham from the LoHud blog got to take part in the TNYS tour yesterday and had some great updates for us. Since you're here, I highly recommend a visit (once your done here, not before!). Some great things he confirmed:

  1. There will be a MetroNorth station (no more driving for those living in CT or Westchester)
  2. An open concourse so when you get up to get food, you can still see the game
  3. The seats will be wider, deeper and have more leg room!
  4. As you saw below, the new scoreboard screen will be 6x larger
  5. There will also be hand-operated scoreboards in the fence in right center and left center.

Lots more after the jump to Pete's blog. I am officially excited. Just guessing the anti-TNYS contingent will be thrilled once they step foot inside this new palace, an over-the-top display of spending befitting a team that's over the top in spending anyways.


Remember all those cost forecasts for The New Yankee Stadium (TNYS)? A cool billion? No problem. We'll have the public finance a bunch of it. Then we'll double the seat and parking prices. No worries. Except now the bill has ballooned to $1.3B, a 30% overrun. And, listen to Lonn Trost tell it, it's all for you, Yankee fans.

"We tried to reflect a five-star hotel and put a ballfield in the middle," said Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost, who hosted a media tour Thursday.

There will be 51 luxury suites, two large outdoor suites and eight party suites with seating for up to 410 people in total.

The 58-by-103-foot center field television screen will be six times the size of the video screen at the current stadium.

Trost said the cost overruns included $150 million in enhancements such as the giant video screen, $138 million in food and beverage costs not included in the original estimate and $50 million from delays due to a lawsuit by community groups that sought to halt construction of the stadium.

Sounds great, though I fear they will price the tickets out of reach for the average fans and families. I know it's already expensive to bring the family; I can't imagine what it's going to balloon to in 2009. Looks like I'm going to have to suck up to my Wall Street buddies who can get their firm's seats.

As for the cost overruns, as Fletch said: Charge it to the Underhills.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey that's you and Tommy Lasorda... [punch] I hate Tommy Lasorda.

A five-star hotel, eh? Have they got anything more along the lines of a Super 8?

Jason said...


Elizabeth: me and Tommy Lasorda?

Elizabeth said...


Yeah, too random.