Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roger's butt causes reasonable doubt

Seems that the abscess on Clemens' butt is causing reasonable doubt. Conflicting medical reports. Rep. Davis "protecting" Clemens from answering about a medical report he has yet to review. Tide turning.

Again, score another for Clemens. Enough reasonable doubt and maybe this doesn't get to a perjury case....

"This makes your case inconsistent" - Rep. Davis (to McNamee)

Lawyers out there... help?

UPDATE #1: With a BIG THANKS to Shysterball, in an email, said the following: "That said, I think that McNamee has gotten a bit of a free ride a bit too long for the simple reason that he isn't as newsworthy as Clemens. When you get down to a testimony situation, his previous lies just utterly sink him. In the law, credibility is the only thing that matters."

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