Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clemens throws wife under bus; declared batshit crazy

In an amazing, yet not completely surprising, twist, Roger Clemens has proven himself to be completely batshit crazy by tossing HIS WIFE under the bus.

Once Clemens learned that Pettitte's recent affidavit claimed that Roger told Andy that he used HGH, Clemens summarily hurled Debbie Clemens under the bus.

Clemens responded by saying Pettitte misunderstood the previous exchange in 1999 or 2000 and that, in fact, Clemens had been talking about HGH use by his wife in the original conversation.

I'm flabbergasted that Clemens is this desperate. this delusional, this batshit crazy to toss his wife under the bus. Once this trial is over, assuming he's guilty as most people think, all he'll have left is his family and I can't imagine Debbie Clemens was thrilled with being 'outted' that way. I also can't imagine that Debbie told Roger to use her as a decoy. My wife would be calling Raul Felder instantly.

Clemens had BETTER be innocent. He HAS to be, otherwise, what excuse could he have for his actions?


Also, feel free to visit Shysterball as he's got the legal expertise to help mere mortals like me grasp some of the legalese.

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