Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Trouble brewing for Clemens

Roger yesterday again said all the things we'd expect to hear from someone who sincerely believes he's innocent.

However, fresh on the wires is a report that claims that Clemens' accuser, Brian McNamee, has furnished physical evidence which would implicate Roger as a user of PEDs. Folks, this is getting really serious. A ways back, we wondered if Clemens was embattled merely in a he said/he said, but now McNamee is bringing proof. My big question: where was this proof for Sen. Mitchell? Was it offered? Why or why not? If it was offered, why wasn't it used? If not offered, how come?

Brian McNamee has turned over physical evidence to federal investigators that he believes will show Roger Clemens used performance-enhancing drugs, according to McNamee's lawyers.

"This is evidence the government has that we believe will corroborate Brian in every significant way," said McNamee lawyer Earl Ward.

McNamee's attorneys would not discuss the details of the evidence, but according to a source close to the former Yankee strength and conditioning coach, McNamee gave the Justice Department's BALCO investigators vials with traces of steroids and growth hormone, as well as blood-stained syringes and gauze pads that may contain the Rocket's DNA.

Justice Department officials have sent the evidence to a lab for testing, and if the materials do indeed contain traces of drugs and blood, prosecutors may attempt to get a court order for a DNA sample from Clemens.

As I posted a few days back: I still think Clemens has the "unknowingly" phrase packed away, but ready to use when testifying. "I THOUGHT McNamee was giving me only B-12 and Lidocaine; if he gave me anything else, he did it without my knowledge or permission." Yes, that's how I see Clemens playing this out in 10 days. We'll see how this mess turns out. Ugly is the only answer, I fear.

UPDATE #1: Uber-baseball fan-lawyer-blogger Shyster also weighed in on this, naturally, as it's right in his strike zone. Though, he took a slightly different (and funnier) approach to it. Wish I had thought of it before he did.

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