Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where was Congress THEN?

This day in baseball history 1986:

1986 - In major league baseball's sternest disciplinary move since the 1919 Black Sox were banished for life, Commissioner Peter Ueberroth gives seven players who were admitted drug users a choice of a year's suspension without pay or heavy fines and career-long drug testing, along with 100 hours of drug-related community service. Joaquin Andújar, Dale Berra, Enos Cabell, Keith Hernandez, Jeffrey Leonard, Dave Parker, and Lonnie Smith will be fined 10 percent of their annual salaries to drug abuse programs. The commissioner also doles out lesser penalties to 14 other players for their use of drugs.
Guess Congress was busy that week. Hrmmmmm. Also guess recreational drugs (and alcohol) is not that big of a deal for the major sports clubs vis a vis PEDs.

(Unrelated sidebar: how cool were those old 'Stros uniforms? The number on the leg, the high stirrups and the rainbow jersey. Bring them back!)

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Shyster said...

I try to love the old 'Stros uniforms because I feel like I'm supposed to (retro!), but I just can't. I can't do love them and never will.

I'd love to see the Tigers go back to their doubleknit pullover roadies, though. I always thought they looked great.