Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rudy ragged by Topps

Looks like Topps, which will be issuing cards of the top political candidates, has chosen to mock Rudy's flip-flopping from a lifelong Yankees fan to a RedSox fan ("rooting for the AL", yeah right you butt-kisser). As any honest RSN or Yanks fan will attest, pick a side and stick to it. If nothing else, we respect the other side for being true to their fandom. Nothing's worse than kowtowing for approval. No one respects that. For better or for worse, thru wins and losses. Pandering to an electoral base by switching lifelong allegiances shows a terrible precedent. Who wants a leader to say whatever he THINKS the people want to hear? Have some conviction in your beliefs and stick to them.

The only think Topps is missing to really stick it to Rudy would be have a "We will never forget" banner, tying in his unrelenting 9/11 schtick with the Yanks fans never forgetting his endorsement of the Sox. (personal note: as one who was in NYC that awful day, I think Rudy's incessant discussion of that day for his own personal political campaign was sickening. End of political discussion. I promise. For now.)

"We read about Rudy rooting for the Red Sox and we thought - why not put him in the middle of the celebration," said Clay Luraschi, baseball brand manager for Topps.

Congrats, Rudy. Maybe you and Drew Barrymore can get a pink had and sit front row taking pictures of Jeter's ass. We can't wait to have you back at the Stadium.


UNRELATED: Again, my apologies for the lack of entries the last few days. Earnings season prep is nearly behind me and I'll have a bit more time shortly. Thanks for your continued readership!

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