Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yanking Wang around


Pardon the horrible double entendre, but I think everyone has to make some sort of lame quip on Chien Ming Wang's name at some point. There, I got it over with.


Why aren't the Yanks interested in locking up Wang in a longer term contract? Why the hesitation? A shoulder situation in 2005? Around 200 IP the last 2 years dispells that worry, methinks.

Said yesterday in an article:

"I want to," Wang said of inking a multi-year contract. "They told me it's not the time because for pitchers it's hard to stay healthy."

Smacks of hypocrisy since they were strongly giving consideration to giving Johan 6 years, but not Wang? Not the same caliber pitcher, no question, but Wang's not yet 28. Why are the Yanks playing hardball with Wang? Why not offer him a 4 year deal for $32M (or 5/$40M), buying him out of arbitration and a few years of free agency? [EDIT: The Yanks have Wang under control via arbitration thru the 2011 season. I did not realize this at the time I created this posting. My apologies.] Still below market for even a mediocre starter. I don't get this stance by the Yanks.

It just seems totally hypocritical of the Yanks to toss up the "injury concern" thing regarding Wang but were willing to ignore it (to a degree) with Johan (and his lousy 2nd half and reported decreased velocity).

I would be pretty excited if the Yanks could lock down Wang for 4-5 years at a reasonable rate, something less than journeyman/mediocre pitchers like Carlos Silva, Kyle Lohse, etc. all seem to be getting. That'd be a smart move, in my opinion.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Where's the hypocrisy? Yes, they were "strongly giving consideration" to a deal that involved a long-term contract for Santana.

Well, I'm sure they also strongly gave consideration to a long-term deal for Wang. But ultimately they decided against both. Seems to me they're being pretty consistent.

Jason said...

the hypocrisy lies in the fact that if the Yanks had executed a deal for Johan, the 6 year extension for a pitcher already older than Wang, would not have been the main issue.

Why it's an issue for a younger, home-grown guy is beyond me. Now, the Yanks have him under control for 4 more years (including Arb years), I believe. Buying him out of those Arb years and a year or 2 of free agency would seem to be a prudent thing to do.