Friday, February 1, 2008

Ten years of Cashman, an amazing run

As we approach the 10th anniversary for Brian Cashman as GM of the Yanks -who woulda thunk it-, we can be nothing if not impressed with his resolve, his ability to withstand living in a pressure-filled bubble, his ability to hold firm on things he believed in. The NY Times takes a moment to dive into Cashman's world, just a bit.

“I feel the responsibility of millions of Yankee fans on my shoulders, fans who take this very seriously and for which every game is very important. I think of that every day.” --Brian Cashman
I hope Hank reads that quote above before doing anything crazy, like firing Cashman or effectively running him off at the end of the year. Cashman deserves to maintain control of baseball operations for a long time and we, the fans, would be lucky if he wants to stay that long. I hope he can and I hope he does.

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