Wednesday, February 13, 2008

That's a wrap, folks

I'm exhausted. Trying to work, listening to a congressional hearing and attempting to synthesize and write coherently is darn tiring.

Lots of good summaries already out, so I thoroughly recommend taking a read from this group (will update as I get others to add):

  1. Analysis: The Clemens & McNamee Hearing (by buddy Alan Schwarz, NYTimes)
  2. What A Day! (by Shysterball)
  3. Round 2: Clemens vs. McNamee (Jayson Stark, ESPN)
  4. Coverage of the Congressional Hearing on Steroids (Sliding into Home)
  5. Rick Carpiniello’s world of sports (LoHud's blog)
  6. Pettitte wasn't in room, but his words carried much of the day (Gene Wojo, ESPN)
  7. Pro-Clemens or anti-Clemens? Might depend on political party (Mike Fish, ESPN)
  8. Hits and misses; Best and worst moments from the hearings (Tom Verducci, SI)
  9. Clemens stands tall on Capitol Hill (Michael McCann, SI Legal Analyst)
  10. A day to misremember (David Epstein, SI)
  11. Clemens, McNamee face off in D.C. (Bryan Hoch,
  12. It's A Wrap (Sean Devaney, Sporting News)
  13. Clemens shelled by Congress (Dan Wetzel, Yahoo!)
  14. Clemens, McNamee take hits at hearing (Jeff Passan, Yahoo!)

My thoughts, in short-cut, take-the-easy-way-out, made-for-TV bulleted form:

  • McNamee was hit harder than I expected; I expected him to be carried into the proceedings like Madeline Kahn as "Empress Nympho" in History of the World, Part 1
  • Clemens was hit less than I expected but still took a ton of punches
  • Wish I could claim this as my own, but re: Clemens: "Isn't frequent lip-licking a well-known indication of untruthfulness? Guy was licking his lips like bacon was cooking."
  • Both came out looking less-than-credible
  • Waxman's closing monologue in which he apologized to McNamee was unnecessary and totally biased
  • Nanny-gate will be next on the docket
  • Pettitte looks good, or as good as one can look emerging from this pit of filth
  • What was Rep. Norton saying when she said: "Mr. Clemens, all I can say is, I'm sure you're going to heaven"?
  • Davis, Burton, Isso & Clay and other Republicans look like big Clemens supportors
  • Waxman, Cummings and other Democrats look like McNamee supporters
  • Taking a bi-partisan stance here is so pathetic, it sickens me. End of politics
  • Rusty Hardin looks like a madman when angry. Wish we saw more of that
  • I have no idea why Debbie Clemens was holding one yellow rose
  • I still cannot understand how/why Roger was allowed to politick around Capitol Hill over the last week, speaking in private with all the representatives that were to be questioning him today. Isn't that akin "tampering"? No matter what you call it, I thought it was more than strange
  • I can't see, for the life of me, how either Clemens or McNamee will ever be convicted of perjury, or that it will even go to court. So many holes in both stories. Maybe the attorneys will dive deeper into Nanny-Gate to drag this out longer. Billable hours, baby!
  • I hope this is it, but I fear it's not
  • I wonder how Pettitte will respond when he steps on the mound. Is he strong enough, mentally? Will the fans embrace his honesty or boo his inclusion as an HGH user?
  • Pitchers and catchers report tomorrow. Amen and hallelujah!

For those of you who chose to read along with my ramblings today, thanks for your time. I'm tired but I enjoyed it. Hope you did, too.

Anyone know where to get a shot of b12 or HGH to make me feel more youthful? (cue laughtrack)


mikel said...

Best commentary I read today: "Isn't frequent lip-licking a well-known indication of untruthfulness? Guy was licking his lips like bacon was cooking."

mikel said...

I should add - that comment was made by a good writer named John Gruber in his Twitter feed. Wouldn't want that to spread around the net without the proper attribution.

Jason said...

I wish I thought of that one, Michael.

I'll add it with the appropriate footnote!

saucy said...

nice, to the point analysis... (nice blog too)

i think the reason nobody disagreed with Clemens 'politicking' around is that this wasn't a trial. he was acting as a lobbyist in a way, which most of those guys are used to.

as for waxman's appology, he was biased the whole day. probably the most biased of all of them. that was just the icing on the cake.