Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Only two years left?

This struck me today, realizing that Jeter's 10 year, $189 million contract has just two years left. That's going to be a tough situation for Cashman to tackle pretty soon.

But in this city, Jeter is not any other player. That's why the Yankees will have so little negotiating power. They must re-sign him because of who he is and what he represents. But can the Yankees seriously ask Jeter to take a pay cut after they rewarded A-Rod with the richest contract ever in the wake of his infuriating opt-out?
And that's not even taking into account what position management might want Jeter to be playing come 2011, which will be the first year of his extension. Second base? First base? Leftfield?

Ya got me on this one. A lot will depend on what the Yanks do this off-season.

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bigjf said...

Quick tip: Don't ever follow a Wallace Matthews article and pretend he makes a point. He is so anti-Yankee and pro-Met that he can make positives out of re-signing Omar following a Mets collapse while saying how the Yanks are a bigger failure than the Mets because they were knocked out earlier this season...this while following an amazing 13 year postseason run!

Re-signing Jeter will not be a problem. You simply chalk that up as payroll that will be unchanged or relatively unchanged, depending on what players' contracts look like in 2 years. Jeter will certainly be overpaid, but in rare cases like him the Yanks are justified in doing so. Jeter could hit like Ben Zobrist and field like David Ortiz in the final years of his career, but you still pay him whatever it takes.