Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Advertising on IIATMS

This posting is for two audiences: the readers and potential advertisers.

First, the readers: I have been very reluctant to place ads on the site. There is one fixed ad and only recently have I been testing small ads here and there on the site (mostly at the bottom). I'm sensitive to clutter and the site's already pretty busy. It'd be nice to collect a few nickels though I have no aspirations of anything significant. I'm contemplating adding some ads just see what they bring. If it's only a few dollars, then I won't do much. But I promise that if I do indeed add some banners and such, I will do my best to keep things to the borders and not interfere with the content. The reason for this is that I have gotten a few inquiries (some still awaiting an answer, my apologies) and I'd rather than do this than constant one-offs.

Also, if any of you have prior experience with online advertising and have an interest in helping, by all means, please lend a hand. I know my limits and I've about maxed out my abilities in creating what you currently see.

Potential advertisers: Please email me your proposals. Operators are standing by.

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