Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love me some Lackey

No, this is not another of the "Yanks should go get this guy" or "sign him at any cost" sort of rant. Just saying that John Lackey will be a free agent after this year and he's exactly the kind of pitcher I love to watch.

Quiet, intense, underrated, and efficient.

In an era when pitching is king—when isn't it?—Lackey has gone 58-30 with a 3.42 earned-run average the last four seasons. He has earned $17.5 million for that contribution, and checks in at $9 million this season.
Assuming Lackey has a solid 2009, it's hard to see him taking less than A.J. Burnett, who received $82.5 million over five years from the Yankees this winter.
He started last year on the DL and didn't reach 198 IP, the first time he missed that threshold since his rookie season in 2002. He's posted an ERA+ of at least 119 each of the last 4 years, including an amazing 151 in 2007. He averages about 0.8 K/IP and he doesn't walk a ton (hasn't had a WHIP over 1.3 in three seasons). Lackey's going to be 30 this season and likely in line for a nice 5 year offer if he can put up yet another solid season.

Some team is going to land themselves a stud. If the Angels can't get him to an extension, it will be a HUGE loss for them.

And yes, I'd LOVE to see him in pinstripes. So take that. Pffft.


Zach Sanders said...

Just think about it, they could lose Teix and Lackey in consecutive years. Fans would revolt, and Moreno would need to flee the country.

Man, that would be awesome.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Don't forget, I think this might be Vlad's last year, too.

The Sports Hernia said...

Lackey is great, I like his fire.

The bats screwed him in the ALDS last year.

Plus, he ripped Pedroia for his gay celebration at 2nd base after a double that would have been a routine fly ball in any other park.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

So, by the pitchers you've wanted over the past few months, the Yankees rotation would be CC, Burnett (though not at the cost), Peavy, Halladay, and, now, Lackey. I would say that's ridiculous, but somehow I could see Lackey signing there next year and a trade for at least one of Halladay/Peavy. I would be pissed, but that would be a fun team to watch.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

You calling me greedy, themarksmith?