Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Mets thought

Something (amongst many others) that I just don't understand, this time it's Mets-ish.

Why would the Mets offer the maddening/inconsistent Oliver Perez $12 million a year for three years when they could take that same money and add BOTH Randy Wolf (or Ben Sheets) and Bobby Abreu (or Adam Dunn) for close to the same AAV?

I have to believe you can get either hitter on a one year deal for about $8m or so and the pitchers for about $5m (plus incentives). Even if each cost $8m, the Mets would be getting two values on short term committments and solving two problems, not one.

The Mets could use another OF in addition to the starting pitcher. Why not bust that $12m nut into two and solve two problems rather than get back into bed with Perez? I don't get this. I'd MUCH rather have Wolf/Sheets and Abreu/Dunn than Perez. The Mets would be lauded as a great example of a team taking full advantage of the depressed market, getting two bargains for the price of one. And they'd STILL be well below their self-imposed luxury tax payroll threshold.

I don't get it. But then again, that's the Mets.


Anonymous said...

Because of Perez's upside potential.

tHeMARksMiTh said...

One note on Perez, Olney loves the deal and thinks the Mets will enjoy that he's "dominant" so often. I continue to lose faith in the man.

As for the two-for-one theory, it would be nice to know what the guys are asking for. We can believe they are beginning to lower their prices, but it's just as likely they wait to see if the teams bend first, knowing that Spring Training is around the corner. It seems as though everyone expects the players to bend, but the teams may well do it, too. I'd be surprised if you could get Sheets/Dunn for $12M. If you can, the Braves need to get on that.