Friday, February 6, 2009

The picture tells the story

Forgetting what the story is about (the Dead Torre Scrolls), I saw this picture accompanying the article and all I could think was: Good for Giambi. He looks like he should look, happy, back in a place that fits his personality.

For all of Giambi's warts and history, he was always described as a great clubhouse presence, fun-loving, collegial (frat-boy?). He had to change his ways somewhat to fit into the Yanks more corporate (read: uptight) clubhouse and I think that weighed on him. Now, he looks happy again, like he can exhale and have fun. It won't change his game a ton (nothing can fix that defense) but I'm happy he's in a good spot.

I wish him well.


The Common Man said...

Jason, would you still feel as happy for him if the Yankees hadn't gotten Texeira?

Personally, I have very mixed feelings about Giambi in particular. As an admitted PED user, I'm vaguely annoyed by him. However, he's an admitted PED user who hasn't ducked the charges and has apparently cooperated with authorities and has put his use behind him. And I've got to respect that. He was a Yankee (bad), but he's not a Yankee anymore (good). He can't play D (bad), but has a great swing (good). Oh well, I guess bygones can be bygones. Have a good time in Oak-town.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

TCM: Giambi's a study in conflict. He's an admitted PED user, apologized (sort of), played hard, had fun, was human and let everyone see it.

He was hired to drive in runs and hit home runs. He did that, most of the time. His .300+ BA disappeared once he landed in NY (trying to pull everything down the line?) but mostly, he did what was expected.

And yes, I would absolutely feel the same way if Teix was somewhere else. The two are not related. It was time for Giambi to go.

The conflict continues as deep down, I want guys to play where they are most happy and comfortable. Sure, as a Yanks fan, I am happy that CC and Teix are in pinstripes, but I know CC would rather be out West. That's a bit troubling to me. But after the first three years are up, he'll be out there anyways.