Monday, February 23, 2009

Yet another tragic fall

This is a bit off my usual path, but it struck me:

As senior director of player personnel for the White Sox, he was a high-ranking member of the front office and a trusted adviser to his good friend, general manager Ken Williams. Wilder's name periodically surfaced when other teams had openings for a general manager, and he had interviewed with at least one other club for its top front office job.

But his dream of running a team ended in May.

The Sox fired Wilder after a Major League Baseball investigation into allegations that he pocketed money from Dominican players' signing bonuses.

Last month, Wilder filed a petition with Family Court in Arizona seeking to lower his child support payments. He indicated he was making $7.25 an hour, or roughly $15,000 a year.
As a guy who reportedly was "meticulous about finances and didn't need money", that's a pretty serious fall from grace. This is why baseball considers gambling such a serious offense; it's too easy to get in over your head and before you realize it, you are compromising your standards to get back to even.

From the outside, it seems that Wilder simply got in too deep with some of his other interests (a money losing bar) and resorted to skimming funds to compensate. Too bad.

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