Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time for Jeter to be the Captain (w/Update)

I've never been the biggest Wallace Matthews fan, but I think he's spot on here:

The book is out today. Time to start reading. And he doesn't even have to read it to come out and say, simply: "Alex is my teammate. Alex is our guy. Everyone in this clubhouse stands behind him."

And that has to include the captain. Because that's what captains do.
Today would be a fine day for Jeter to make himself available' to the media, just to let everyone - and one guy in particular - know he's got A-Rod's back.
Ya know what, Matthews is right. It's time for Jeter to publicly support ARod, even if he has to grind his teeth flat to do so.

UPDATE (8:05am, 2/4/09): So Jeter's now publicly supporting ARod. Good. It's not exactly a warm and fuzzy call for a group hug, but it will have to do.
"We've been down this road before. Alex is a teammate. I support him. Our whole team is behind him. We all support him."

"To be quite honest with you, it's old hearing the same questions. It's something that's been addressed before in the past. Everyone's moved beyond it. And it doesn't really need to be addressed again."


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Excellant point!
But honestly I doubt he will step up to the plate on this subject. If the past is any indication of the future that is. But we all could sure use a good surprise in this arena.
We need this team to bond and even if it means to bond against Torre for now - something has to pull 'em together to fight because as we all know this has a huge impact on the year. I think Jeter can do that. Like our favorite teams of the 90's there was a tight bond there - not always the "best" talent. Today we buy the "best" talent and the team seems fractured. Or am I completely off base here?

Alex K said...

Exactly. He doesn't have to mean it, he just has to say it. Maybe some support (real or not) from Jeter would go miles with A-Rod. It's not like Alex didn't move off SS (where he was better than Jeter) so Jeter could stay there. I think he earned a bit of loyalty with that.

Mark said...

Support A-Rod? Sure, why not? There's a first time for everything.

Alex K said...

Did all this ice and snow extend to Hell?