Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marvin Miller checks in

Earlier this week, I made this comment:

Wonder what Marvin Miller is saying now. Betchya he's saying something like: "See, I told you numbskulls you shouldn't have caved in and let Bud & Co. have their way. You got burned."
So guess what Marvin Miller actually had to say today:
But Miller, the 91-year-old Players Association icon, said union leaders are also now paying for their biggest mistake -- the decision to bow to public and congressional pressure and enter into an agreement with Major League Baseball to institute mandatory testing in 2004.

"Everything I've read in the last few days is unfair and anti-union," Miller told ESPN.com on Tuesday. "But that does not mean I agree that [union officials] are without blame. When they agreed on a testing program, I said, 'They're going to regret this, because you're going to see players going to jail.' "
Now, Miller has some other stances which I don't necessarily agree with (no proof that steroids/PEDs even work, the media perpetrates the images, using the tobacco industry as a diversionary arguement, etc.). While I am in favor, obviously, of stringent testing, I do see the Miller's arguement, from a Union point of view. He knew that in allowing MLB to kick open the CBA would allow for MLB to impose its will. And that's just what happened.


The Common Man said...

That Marvin Miller's a smart cookie. And yet, Bowie Kuhn in the Hall and no Miller. It's a crazy, stupid, and crazy-stupid world we live in.

e-5 said...

HIM admires Miller, always have because he keeps giving you the foresite most of us can't read. Although I am anti-union I am not pro owner. As for Kuhn, you said it best,"It's a crazy, stupid, and crazy-stupid world we live in". That was part of his payoff to get him out.

HIM would like to be Commish!!!