Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dissecting the ARod transcript, pt III

While someone correctly called this exercise "a fool's errand", I will continue to be the fool to run the errand. While this is getting lengthy, reading everything so closely has be very helpful for me.

PETER GAMMONS: How do you go about making people believe you?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, I think coming into the league at 20 years, coming second to Juan Gonzalez as MVP is one good indication. And then, 14 years later in 2007, having the greatest year of my career is another. The other thing is, I'm going to have a sample of 14 years past this Texas era where I get to show and prove to the world who I am as a player. Hopefully I'm part of a championship team or two.

And I also, more importantly, have a chance to, you know, tell the story to kids so they can learn from my mistake. Because there's a story to be said here. I'm looking forward to that challenge.

But to me, '09, now I'm getting excited going to spring training. When you take this gorilla and this monkey off your back, you realize that honesty is the only way. I'm finally beginning to grow up. I'm pretty tired of being stupid and selfish, you know, about myself. The truth needed to come out a long time ago. I'm glad it's coming out today.
Let's face it, there is NOTHING that ARod can do, right now, to convice people he's telling the truth about anything. The only thing he CAN do, is run counter to the Union and have his blood tested and stored. He's not glad it came out. He's just dealing with the reality of it all. If he was really glad, he would have volunteered this years ago (which we know would never happen for any athlete). I'll believe his "telling the story" crap when I see it.
PETER GAMMONS: Two years ago when Barry Bonds was passing Henry Aaron, it was written a lot of places, well, the great thing -- when you pass Bonds, the great thing will be we'll finally have a legitimate home run champion. When you
read those articles, did you worry a little bit about all this coming back to haunt you?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You naturally have to worry. I mean, again, there's such a gray area. That era wasn't about facts. That era -- those words you just mentioned, I guarantee that half the guys that did that in any sport don't know what that is.

You basically end up trusting the wrong people. You end up, you know, not being very careful about what you're ingesting. And, yeah, it worried me completely, absolutely. And today, although I know that people are going to be very disappointed, just like I am, I feel good about moving forward and doing things the way I've been doing it the last five years and the way I did it prior to being in Texas. And that's a very important point for me.
What he should have said: "Peter, I hoped like hell that it would never come out, that the samples were actually destroyed. Unfortunately 'anonymous' doesn't mean what we thought it did." I would have given him big bonus points for being honest if I heard that.
PETER GAMMONS: A lot has been said about the fact that the union did not get those samples destroyed, which involves over a hundred players. Are you bitter at all that the union didn't get those tests destroyed?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: No, I mean, God has done this for a reason. There's a reason why. I can care less about what the union did. I could care less about what Selena Roberts did. This has to come out. This is very important. The most important thing for me in my career is to be honest and forthright, to go into my '09 season as part of the greatest organization in the world, as one of the guys to go out and try to reach our goal.

And when you have that monkey on your back, it's really hard to be the person that you know you can be. It's hard to fulfill your potential that way.
Too bad Peter never really seemed to push ARod's answers back in his face a bit. Too many softballs with no defense. To invoke "God" is just pathetic. Everyone can believe and worship whatever, whenever, whoever. But "God" had nothing to do with outting just ARod's name.
PETER GAMMONS: Over the years, have you talked to anybody about this?


PETER GAMMONS: You haven't talked to [agent] Scott Boras?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Not one word. Not one word.

Bullsh*it. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me one iota if his ex-wife tipped someone off about all this. Way to push him, Peter.
PETER GAMMONS: How much did you learn from Andy Pettitte coming forward and essentially admitting what he did last year?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It was very commendable. I love Andy like a brother. He's one of my best friends on the team. I know he went through a very hard time.

But the one thing is all of us, 1 through 25, we supported him, we loved him, we didn't judge him. And going through this process, Andy has been texting me four or five times.

You know, one thing I'm learning as I get older, and hopefully a little wiser, is that honesty, the truth will set you free. I'm just proud that I'm here sharing my story. Regardless of what the union -- this is no one's fault. This is my fault. I'm responsible for this. And I'm deeply sorry for that.
Then where were you at Andy's presser? Girardi, Cashman and Jeter were all there. Liar. At least he said "I'm responsible".

I feel compelled to call it quits here. The balance of the interview are the same questions, re-asked. A few more softballs or leading questions, too.

I want to believe that he's been clean since the testing really was stepped up a notch. I want to believe that for all players, not just ARod. But, we will just never know. We have to continue to root for the laundry. Have your kids idolize players that you feel best represent your own ideals, and if that player breaks your heart, well, you've got a good excuse to teach your kids about the bad things people do.

Pitchers and catchers report in a few days. The business of baseball gets demoted for PFP, sore hamstrings, rookies making noise and veterans fading away. Spring is coming. The Rays will seek to prove they are more than a one-hit wonder. The Phillies try to repeat. The Yanks and Sox will resume their "Hatfield & McCoy" battles. Someone will come from out of nowhere to be this year's Rays.

I am going down to Florida on Saturday for a family vacation. If all goes well, I will try to drop by Legends Field in Tampa to get a first hand account of what's going on in Yankeeland. I want to smell the freshly cut grass, hear the gloves pop, watch players run and shag flies. And when/if I am sitting there in the sun with my two boys, I can promise you I won't be thinking about ARod, PED's and the rest of this mess.

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dimitrios said...

This is why I believe that coming clean wasn't A-Rod's idea, but he was convinced to come clean either by Boras or it seems maybe the Yankees.

If telling the truth was wholly A-Rods idea then the whole truth would have come spilling out without any of this doubletalk, excuse finding, etc.

Gammons gave A-Rod every opportunity to clear the air and set the record straight and A-Rod sensed that he wouldn't be pressed by Gammons on his obvious doubletalk.

Instead of Gammons what they should have done is interviewed A-Rod the way they interview murder suspects on The First 48. Push and pull on his story till the truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

No better to medicine for a toxified soul than green grass, the sound of wood on the ball, the relaxed murmerings of a spring training crowd. The curative powers of baseball are both dependable and infinitely magical.

Good move.

Jason @ IIATMS said...

Anon: That's my hope. I am working towards getting an "in" to watch P&C. I don't think it's open to the public.

JoeOrange31 said...

I hate agreeing with you so much because it sounds so "yes man". Especially so, when it comes to a Gammons interview that could have been so much more, wound up being just north of Giambi's "I didn't do anything, but I am sorry anyway." How come so many analysts are willing to give a pass to Alex, based solely on this interview? Are they afraid that being honest is going to hurt him, and they're going to need interviews when he gets past 755 on the HR chart?
The day after the interview, Gammons was on Mike and Mike commenting on how he and Alex went to dinner the night before and Alex invited him to work out together the next morning before the interview. Gammons went on to say how Alex was "Fragile" and "Vulnerable" during the interview process, moreso than he had seen in many previous interviews.
Look....I think it's really, really noble to fall on the sword. Take the blame for doing it. Many props to him for that. If you don't want to reveal your source, I am okay with that, too...but say so. Don't be a creep and wimp out on that answer. "I don't think it's fair to blame my source, Peter. I went to him. I wanted to hit more, do more, be more." If you think telling how the substance got in your body will lead us to the source...say that, too. "Again, Peter...I know how it was done, but I don't want to deflect any of the blame to anybody but myself. I did it, and I can't undo it." And in the end, blaming this story on Selena Roberts...whether she was stalking him or not, is like blaming Paul Revere for the British coming. If you are so "NOBLE" then come out before the crowd comes to you. New York would have LOVED to hold you up as a soiled hero...like Straw, Like Gooden, Like Cone to some degree...all guys with troubled pasts. Like Steve Howe...remember the Yanks had him and he performed? You come clean, nobly, honorably, and the city feels your pain. You go hit 54 Hr's in front of Tex this upcoming season and lead the team past the Red Sox into the WS, and ride the canyon of heroes and the City says "Didn't he mentions something last February???"