Friday, February 13, 2009

What happens when your rich dad helps out

First: snags you a sweet internship at New York Magazine.
Second: bankrolls a weekend jaunt to Atlantis in the Bahamas (she probably has an amazing apartment in NYC that costs more than you make per month)
Third: become another moocher on someone else's celebrity.

A New York intern — we'll call her Jane Blonde — was on vacation in the Bahamas this weekend [Ed: We know, we hate her] with some friends from college when, suddenly, they found themselves face-to-orange-face with none other than A-Roid and his lusty ladies! Because she is an intern, we made her tell us everything, then sent her back to her cube to fact-check some New York Weddings stuff. After the jump, read Jane's timeline of how, in one magic night, she was transformed from an Intern into a Celebrity Entourage Hanger-On to a Tabloid Superstar!
Ooooh, dazzling. Or pathetically lame, if you ask me. Sorry, I've seen too many of these girls back when I was living in NYC, living so far above their means it was silly.

From "Jane Blonde" herself:
11 p.m. He introduces himself. "I'm Alex," he says, and we die. The security guard then ropes off his table. But we are in!

(via Deadspin)

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