Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Unknowingly" my a**

Yeah, unknowingly my a**, Barry.

The most important document may be the transcript of a recorded conversation between Bonds' personal trainer, Greg Anderson, and Bonds' former business partner and longtime friend, Steve Hoskins. Assuming the transcript reflects an accurately recorded conversation -- which Bonds' counsel will question, given that Hoskins, rather than a recording specialist, taped it -- Anderson tells Hoskins that he injected Bonds with substances that sound very much like steroids. Here is a particularly telling excerpt from that conversation:
Anderson: [E]verything I've been doing at this point is undetectable.
Hoskins: Right.
Anderson: See, the stuff that I have . . . we created it. And you can't, you can't buy it anywhere. You can't get it anywhere else. But, you can take it the day of and pee.
Hoskins: Uh-huh.
Anderson: And it comes up with nothing.
Hoskins: Isn't that the same [expletive] that Marion Jones and them were using?
Anderson: Yeah same stuff, the same stuff that worked at the Olympics.

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Josh said...

Not a good day to be Barroid.