Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That sounds like me

Here's an article that sounds like me and my thoughts/opinions, though better written.

Winter is loathsome to me. I am a baseball fan. It has been central to my life from the moment I came into this world because it was central to my father's life.

More than that, I am a Yankee fan. The Yankees have been the constant in our family. The team has held us together through the turmoil of life, providing something to cheer for, something to cry over, or when father and sons struggle to find common ground, something to just get us talking. Yankee Stadium was as much our home as the two bedroom apartment in Mt. Vernon, NY.

So from the moment the last out of the World Series is recorded, I get anxious. I look into the bleak abyss of winter and, God forgive me, wish my time away. I need baseball.
Minus the location of the apartment (and the struggling to find common ground), that's me.

Thanks to Bryan for the tip

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JoeOrange31 said...

Fathers and sons:

Having reached an age where I am now one of both, never before has the idea that sports is a common ground to get us talking been more important; why it is that we pass on our neurosis from generation to generation. It is an area where we can share our expertise, whether we are eight or eighty (or anywhere in-between) It is that place that we visited with our Dads...that we share our history with our sons. It is that place where our opinions are held in equal esteem...valid or not.
2/20/'ll be sixteen years. Seems like yesterday. Value your time gentlemen. It goes quickly and will be gone before you know it.