Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free agent reluctantly signs for most money

No, not our friend CC Sabathia. I'm talking about Adam Dunn. It's clearly obvious that he wanted to play anywhere else but in DC, but they offered the most guaranteed money in this bear market, thusly proving (once again) that it is about the money, stupid. Dunn could have taken less to play somewhere else but he is now resigned to spouting the new company line:

"The opportunities [as a free agent] weren't exactly what I wanted them to be, but I get a chance and hopefully turn the program around," Dunn said on the MLB Network. "I think it will be a better feel of accomplishment to help turn the program around than go [to a place] that is established."
Yeah, sure.


Carl the Big Fool said...

And lo, the Nationals were transformed from a 100-loss team to about a 95-loss team. Way to make the fans excited about your arrival, Donkey.

Actually, folks here are fairly stoked. At least now we have a guy who could theoretically hit a home run every once in a while. That alone should make the team more fun to watch than last year. Props to the Nats for not ridiculously overpaying (merely overpaying), and not giving him too many years.

Ron Rollins said...

If the Nationals imporve by 10 wins, and Dunn talks about how well he was treated, and how much he liked playing there, doesn't that provide impetus for other free agents to sign there.

That was the reasoning behind Meche getting $55 mil, and it was a good idea.

Except that the brain-dead leadership has stopped there and not done anything to exploit it.

e-5 said...

HIM thinks that if you believe Dunn the check should also be in the mail.