Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ARod "enhanced" his anti-Roberts claims

This is precisely why ARod should have avoided any Selena Roberts bashing:

But police departments from New York and Hoboken to Miami and Coral Gables say A-Rod never reported Selena Roberts' alleged crimes to them.

I haven't been able to find anything to corroborate that she has tried to break into his home," Detective Juan Sanchez of the Miami Beach police said. "I haven't been able to find anything that corroborates the statement Alex Rodriguez made to ESPN."
Sanchez said Miami Beach police did file a "miscellaneous incident report" after police were called to answer a security guard's question about whether the island where Rodriguez lives is public or private property.

She was trying to gain access onto the island, and they had no right to stop her," Sanchez said. "It's a public right of way. She can stand in front of his house and do whatever she has to do as long as she doesn't step on his property. There's no follow-up. She was not arrested. She was not cited. It doesn't go on her record. It's not even entered into our system."
This only makes ARod's claims look off-base and mis-guided.

Speaking of ARod's bashing of Selena Roberts, Jeff Pearlman took Gammons to task for letting ARod get away with it:
The reason Gammons scored the interview with Rocker a decade back is the same reason he scored one with A-Rod today: He’s the Larry King of sports television. Softball questions, limited inquisitiveness, an easy time for all involved. I’m not sure if Gammons was jealous of Selena for scoring a huge story, but he had to—absolutely had to—follow up Rodriguez’s presumably ludicrous accusations with a question or two or three or 10. “Alex, are you saying Selena Roberts literally broke into your building? Alex, can I see the paper you’re referring to? Alex, you rip Selena Roberts’ reporting? But wasn’t she, ahem, correct?

Seriously, give me a break.


The Common Man said...

The dude simply will...not...shut...up. Is he incapable of doing anything smart? Is he the anti-Midas? Everything he touches seems to turn from gold into crap.

Ron Rollins said...

Jason, you should be so proud. He's the new Mickey Mantle without the press.

Or have I committed a sacriligeous offense by saying that?

And if I did, Chris Chambliss can still kiss my a!!

Rick N said...

ARod just needs to shut up and play ball! I love the guy but everytime he opens his mouth, it's lie after lie.