Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shysterball called as expert

...or something like that:

Tests that link Roger Clemens' DNA to blood in syringes provided to investigators by Clemens' personal trainer Brian McNamee could bolster prosecutors' claim that Clemens lied about steroid use. But both legal and medical experts cautioned that the more difficult determination would be establishing the presence of performance-enhancing drugs in those syringes.
Craig Calcaterra, a Columbus, Ohio, lawyer who applies his expertise and baseball passion to a blog called "
The Hardball Times," said yesterday in a telephone interview: "There needs to be a second half to [testing] for it to mean anything. Since Clemens has admitted to taking B-12 shots from McNamee, unless they also can establish those needles were used for steroids or some other performing-enhancing drug, I'm not sure this advances the story."
Nice work, Craig! For more on Craig's take on this latest Clemens/McNamee slimefest, click here.

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