Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ARod to meet with investigators

I won't harp on this, but it's worth noting:

Major League Baseball's investigations team intends to meet with Alex Rodriguez between tomorrow and Friday to discuss his recent confessions of illegal performance-enhancing drug use...

For all of Bud Selig's threats of discipline against the Yankees' third baseman, there's virtually no chance of that happening. A-Rod likely will bring both a personal attorney - he just hired Jay Reisinger, who has represented Andy Pettitte and Sammy Sosa - and a players association lawyer with him, and the only questions Rodriguez will be compelled to answer are whether he procured illegal PEDs on MLB grounds - the clubhouse, for instance, or the team plane.

Since Sports Illustrated reported his positive result from the 2003 survey testing, Rodriguez has offered one story to ESPN's Peter Gammons and a second to a group of media. He won't have to offer a third version, as long as he is properly represented.
So assuming he didn't buy/use this stuff on MLB grounds, Selig has no recourse with regards to fines or suspensions. Another investigation where the investigators have dull, gray baby teeth.

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