Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coming soon: Operation Shutdown, part II

So, with the word that the whopper Manny to Miami via Pittsburgh deal is dead, will Manny channel his inner Derek Bell and commence "Operation Shutdown", part II?

It wasn't so long ago (just 2006) when, following a 5 game sweep at home at the hands of the Yanks in mid-August, that Manny essentially shut it down despite pleadings from Papi to keep playing.

How on Earth does Manny return to that team, that dugout, that ownership, that front office? We all know Manny could care less what they think but will he realize that he needs to perform to earn that big multi-year deal that he wants (as he turns 37)?

Then again, if I were Theo and these were indeed the requirements to deal Manny, I'd hold onto him, too:

ESPN's Peter Gammons was told by a source close to the negotiations Florida reportedly asked Boston for a cash outlay beyond the $7 million to cover Ramirez's contract in addition to two prospects. That would essentially add up to the Red Sox trading Ramirez, $9 million and two prospects for Pittsburgh's Jason Bay.
What's wrong with Florida? Why so greedy? They're getting Manny, some prospects and a chance to leap the Mets/Phillies. But $7M wasn't enough? If that's the straw that broke the deal, then shame on them. It's not dissimilar to the Sox falling a few bucks short in trying to acquire ARod (and Manny was included in that proposed deal, too).

Ehhhh, it's been as fun a Trade Deadline season as I can remember, Manny or not. But I sure am looking foward to seeing "Operation Shutdown, Part II".
"At the end of the day you're taking the field with a guy who doesn't want to play with you, doesn't want to be there, doesn't want to ... obviously effort-wise is just not there and that's disheartening and disappointing," Schilling said during his weekly appearance on Boston sports radio WEEI's Dennis and Callahan program.

Does he think it's time for Manny to go?

"Would I be the only guy in the New England area that said no if I did?" Schilling replied to the question. "I think I'm probably with the consensus. It's very obvious from anything you see or hear he doesn't want to be here. And anytime that there's a piece of the equation you have a problem, and then not trading and leaving him here is a problem because you don't know what you're going to get."

Schilling was asked if he was insulted by Manny's "the Red Sox don't deserve a player like me" comment.

"I was here for the end of both Pedro [Martinez] and Nomar's [Garciaparra] situation and I'm not sure how there's any parallels there," Schilling said. "... I've always felt the organization extended a lot of courtesy Manny's way and I know Terry [Francona] as a manager, like with everybody else he went that extra mile for Manny. It's disappointing to see that not get recognized, but that happens."
"I would absolutely agree that it's affected this team. I don't question it. I've been around when it did before in '06. These are your teammates and it just makes it hard when every question, you're struggling in a 1-for-14 and grinding your [expletive] off at the plate and every question is about something that you have absolutely no control over..."


Chris Heer said...



"Hello. Uh, Mr. Kettle?"


"This is the Pot."


"You're black."

Chris Heer said...

Manny's a Dodger!

Boy, I can't wait for Plaschke's column explaining how Pierre is better than Ramirez because he "plays the game the right way."

Bosox evidently get Bay, and Pirates get a collection of prospects.

tadthebad said...

Jason, not as similiar to the Sox with ARod as you make it seem. There were licensing deals that the Sox owners, who were only about a year or two in, didn't want exploited by the player. A player who, BTW, approved the trade and a reduction in salary. And remind me, how many WS titles has ARod helped the Yanks win? (THAT never gets old for me)...I'd say the Sox did the right thing there.

But, no matter. Manny is off to LA-LA land, and the Sox get a player in Bay who has very similiar OBP/Slug (not quite as good), and one who won't be quite the distraction that Manny was. I'm assuming Bay has a better glove and a better attitude. I know you might be happy b/c Manny killed the Yankees, but in the grand scheme, Manny had finally become a cancer and a source of incredible irritation to his teammates. I think the Sox gave up a little too much (Moss and Hansen to Pitt, not that those two are going to be Hofers), but this is the ultimate in addition by subtraction. Have fun, Joe Torre.

Jason said...

tad: you're right about ARod and I'd say the same thing if I were in your rooting shoes, too. Can't blame you or fault you. It's the same as NYY fans who like to cite "26 Titles" to the Sox fans. It's a tired argument on both sides...

I was creating a new posting when you made this comment, so check that one out, too.