Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,

I had a good night's sleep after my mini-rant last night, a rant that was a day late and many, many days overdue. Most of the times that I complain about a player, it's solely about their on-the-field performance. But with you, Sir Sidney, it's both on-the-field and off. You've proved to many teams that you are not only an established mediocraty but also an exceptional headache to teammates.

I think it's quite a testament to baseball's need for a breathing body and rubber arm that you remain employed by a MLB club, no less than one with October aspirations. For some reason, GM's keep hiring you, despite the facts. I'll pass on the
drinking issues, bar brawls and punching a judge on the beach. I'll even pass on the being a crappy teammate stuff, for now.

In closing, I hope Cashman wakes up from a post-Nady/Marte haze and realizes that you, Fat Sid, are really a bad starter for a team that needs more than that. I hope you find employment somewhere, preferably in Nepal, though perhaps you can be commissioned to China to help suck up some of that smog. Or just leave quietly.

Jason @ IIATMS

So let's take a peek at the basics for Ponson:
2008 (combined stats, Texas & NYY):

Seriously, what makes this clown EMPLOYABLE THIS YEAR? My affection for Cashman is being tested. I know we need some innings eaters but surely we could let some of the kids from AAA or heck, even AA, give it a shot. Could they fare much worse? Ponson is effectively turning every lefty he faces into TED FREAKIN' WILLIAMS!!! He's allowing lefties to bat .337! What makes him worthy of starting every 5th day for a playoff contending team? I could post a mediocre record if you were gonna give me 8.53 runs per game!!!!

Just in case you either forgot about Fat Sid's career stats and you start barking "small sample size", I present the following:
  • 1998 (Balt): 8-9, 5.27 ERA, 1.474 WHIP, .293 BAA
  • 1999 (Balt): 12-12, 5.27 ERA, 1.462 WHIP, .282 BAA
  • 2000 (Balt): 9-13, 4.82 ERA, 1.378 WHIP, .258 BAA
  • 2001 (Balt): 5-10, 4.95 ERA, 1.431 WHIP, .289 BAA
  • 2002 (Balt): 7-9, 4.09 ERA, 1.335 WHIP, .258 BAA
  • 2003 (Balt, partial): 14-6, 3.77 ERA, 1.284 WHIP, .258 BAA
  • 2003 (SF, partial): 3-6, 3.71 ERA, 1.206 WHIP, .255 BAA
  • 2004 (Balt): 11-15, 5.30 ERA, 1.549 WHIP, .305 BAA
  • 2005 (Balt): 7-11, 6.21 ERA, 1.726 WHIP, .331 BAA
  • 2006 (StL): 4-4, 5.24 ERA, 1.617 WHIP, .308 BAA
  • 2006 (NYY): 5-3, 10.47 ERA, 2.020 WHIP, .351 BAA
  • 2007 (Min): 2-5, 6.93 ERA, 1.885 WHIP, .335 BAA
  • 2008 (Tex): 4-1, 3.88 ERA, 1.563 WHIP, .307 BAA
  • 2008 (NYY): 2-1, 6.08 ERA, 1.875 WHIP, .352 BAA
  • CAREER: 88-103, 4.92 ERA, 1.473 WHIP, .287 BAA
I'm stunned that he keeps getting chances to pitch. What stat on this array of data makes a GM say to himself "I think Ponson can help"? He had one year, ONE, where he had a sub-4 ERA and SEVEN years with an ERA over 5, excluding 2008.

Someone please tell me how this guy keeps getting chance after chance. Please! I'm begging.

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Osmodious said...

Don't hold back, Jason, tell us how you really feel.

Oh, and to put icing on it (though I hate dragging this ol' chestnut out), the guy makes a freakin' fortune (compared to mere mortals). Then again, that's not entirely different from the pathetically incompetent people I see around my own company making a nice salary and not earning it (of course, my local morons don't have the impact that Pudgo has on the Yanks either).