Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Manny's doggin' it

From Buster:

By the way: Manny Ramirez's time running to first base on a chopper hit down the third-base line in the seventh inning of John Lackey's no-hitter was 5.25 seconds -- faster than the six seconds it took him to get to first on the back end of a double-play groundout Monday. To put those times in perspective, five seconds is considered glacial by baseball scouts. With his team eight outs away from being no-hit, the guy dogged it running to first.

So as the Red Sox look for some creative way to make a Ramirez deal, they must consider these questions: Will Ramirez simply lay down in the last two months of his contract, now that he knows he's not coming back to the Red Sox? And will he be a daily problem that will distract from the larger concern of winning ballgames?

If the answers to these questions are yes, they should dump him.
More serious allegations about Manny tanking. I wonder what the heck Manny is thinking (doesn't everyone?) as surely other prospective teams see this and have gotta be concerned. He's going to be 37. Do you see him getting better? Faster? More team-focused?

Me either.

He's becoming Roger Dorn.

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