Thursday, July 17, 2008

Final All Star Game thoughts

I wrote about the All-Star game mess a week and a half ago. One of the things I'd change if I were given a chance would be to modify the roster rules for the All Star Game.

  • Eliminate mandatory representation by every club. It was one thing when there just twenty-something teams, but with 32, too many inferior players are being named at the expense of more qualified players.


  • Expand the roster sizes to accomodate the expansion in the number of teams. If you do this, you can keep mandatory representation. Open the rosters to 35 and eliminate the handwringing.

It's pretty simple. Boost the roster sizes to 35 and add three more pitchers. I'd rather do that than eliminate mandatory representation but if baseball is married to a 32 person roster, that rule has to be eliminated.

The only other thing to do to eliminate the All Star mess would be to just keep it an exhibition and give the WSHFA to the team who, you know, actually earned it.


Carl the Big Fool said...

As a fan of a craptacular team, I'd be quite upset if the one-player-per-team rule was eliminated. One of the few bright spots in Washington over the past month is speculating who would go to the All-Star game.

I much prefer the idea of expanding the rosters. If necessary, make 2 or 3 players contingent on the game going to extras.

Thanks for sending the pitcures, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Jason, 1 mistake. Home field advantage was never based on who earned it. It was always automatically alternated between AL and NL each year.

Jason said...


Sorry if I wasn't clear... I want the WSHFA to be determined by best record, not by any other way. Including the ASG or the older "alternating" method, which was just as bad, if not worse.