Thursday, July 10, 2008

Munson auction

My affection for all things Thurman borders on the silly. I was just a young kid, about same age as my older son is now, when Thurman died. I remember where I was (Wildwood Crest, NJ). Yet, I remain a tremendous fan to this day. Which is why somehow it pains me to see that his wife is auctioning off his stuff, even though the cause (his grandchildren) is completely worthwhile.

I got a Thurman replica bat from Bat Day (I think the year he died). Not a little twig like they give away now; but a real bat. It's in my office at home, barely a scratch as I never used it as a kid. We used my brother's Mickey Rivers' model until the knob damn near wore off, though. I also have a beaten up Thurman Munson model catcher's mit in my office, too. The gold stencil of his name is still barely visible, but that's good enough for me. And if you see me wear a jersey to a game, it will be my #15 away jersey more often than not. Every time I wear it to the Stadium, people come over just to quietly say that they "love that jersey". It's a silent classic that affects anyone old enough to know how much Thurman meant to that team. Real fans get it. And no, there is no name on it.

I joked yesterday about buying stuff from the Stadium, but I'd prefer to buy something from Thurman's auction. He embodies my fandom as much as anything or anyone. I don't know if I will be able to even bid, much less afford anything, but I'll certainly be interested.

I want that glove.


Osmodious said...

Jason, my older brother has that same bat! And it's in great condition because he always used my Lou Piniella bat (he even hit ROCKS with it...the bastard). I remember walking around the Stadium with my bat, holding it in front of me to protect me from all the other idiots walking around with bats not looking out for a little kid.

So I thought of an interesting question about the sell-off of The Stadium, but I'll post it in this thread since it has to do with Thurman...what are they going to do with his locker? I mean, are they going to have an empty locker in the NYS? Are they going to transfer all the lockers over there or build new ones?

(Everyone talks about the ghosts moving across the street...that is patently wrong: the team is moving, the ghosts are going to stay right where they are...)

Jason said...

We did the SAME THING with my bro's Mickey Rivers bat! We abused it. The Munson bat, no sir. That was MINE. Funny story, Os. Thanks for sharing.

Good question about Munson's locker. I'm really not sure. I'm going to email some folks who might have some insight. If I hear anything, I will let you know!

Jason said...

Just got an email back from Yanks beat writer Pete Abraham:

"Being moved into a museum in the new Stadium."

There ya have it.

Osmodious said...

Thanks, Jason...much appreciated. Don't know precisely why, but I was actually worried about what they were going to do with it (not curious, not concerned, worried...I'm taking this new stadium thing pretty hard).

It was interesting to me that the original article mentioned the Babe Ruth's been well publicized that they intend to replicate Monument Park, so they would probably notice if the Ruth monument went walkabout (not to mention the bat on the flagpole).