Thursday, July 31, 2008

Faith in Cashman restored. Well, almost

Let's recap the last week-plus in Yankee-dom:

Ya know, if not for the mere presence of Ponson on the roster, my faith in Cashman would be totally restored. You DO realize, we have more influence than we ever thought. We got Farnsy traded, we can get rid of Ponson, too!!!

If you want some fun Detroit reactions/complaining/griping, check here. Especially the comments. They are not happy about the Pudge/Farnsworth trade. Not even a little.

What more can I say, I am pretty pleased with the events post-All Star break. It's going to be a fun stretch run.

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Chris Heer said...

If I was a Tigers fan, I would not be happy with the trade either. Farnsy every once in a while fools you into thinking he can be a dominant pitcher, but we all know better.